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Take the guesswork and uncertainty Out of starting your own business.

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Start A Part-Time Business Enterprise At Any Age

Improve Your Present Financial Position
Today, many people are looking for additional income to handle the constantly rising cost of living. Due to the stagnant business economy, many people who have jobs have their incomes leveling off, while their bills keep growing. Even people who make a top salary enjoy the freedom and excitement of earning an extra part-time income. Jerry Scicchitano has the ability to inspire individuals of all ages to look inside themselves and to take the first step along the way to certain success. He shows you how to discover your own money earning potential and to put it to work for your special benefit. These attributes are essential for helping you achieve success in your part-time business enterprise.
Jerry uses his personal experience as a coach, and his high level of enthusiasm to keep you motivated to succeed in your second-income business enterprise. He will show you how to turn every minute of your free time into money with proven examples of how others have put it to work. Jerry’s own aspirations drive him to continually refine his training processes that lead to new levels of performance for his mentees. His proven leadership is just what you need to earn that extra income you and your family are looking for. Essentially, he has created a personal “laboratory” to discover new training methods that help individuals earn that extra income they need.

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After years of experimentation, Jerry is ready to share his coaching and mentoring methods with part-time income business seekers. His newly published book “Part Time Income Enterprise” is packed with hundreds of examples of how others have turned their spare time into extra income.
Use the opportunities presented throughout his book to help you define your concept of success.

This book will help you:
  1. Determine the choices you are faced with.
  2. Work out priorities in life in making these life-determining decisions.
  3. Determine what success is to you.
  4. Evaluate your personal skills, talents, abilities, resources and learn how to improve them.
  5. Learn how to find your path to success and stay on it.
  6. Determine what specific knowledge you have or require for your chosen extra-income enterprise.
  7. Learn how to make your dreams a reality.
  8. Learn what roadblocks to success are and how to avoid or overcome them.
  9. Learn the basic traits that successful people have and how you can develop them.
  10. Learn how to multiply your time.
  11. Learn how to get ahead in your extra-income enterprise.
  12. Learn from stories of how others achieved success with their extra-income enterprise ventures beyond their wildest dreams.
  13. Turn your everyday activities into money-earning opportunities.
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